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Antrochoanal Polyps

Ethmoidal Polyps

Arises from the maxillary antrum.

Arises from the ethmoidal air cells.


  • Common in children. 
  • Males more commonly affected than females. 
  • Have infective aetiology.


  • Common in adults. 
  • Both sexes are equally affected.
  • Have allergic aetiology.

Single in number having, antral, choanal & nasal part.

Multiple in number with grape like appearance.

Clinical symptoms: 

Nasal discharge is unilateral, mucopurulent and occasionally blood stained.

Clinical symptoms: 

Nasal discharge in bilateral watery, accompanied by sneezing epiphora.

Caldwell Luc surgery can be done for patient above 16 years and in case of recurrent Polyps apart from FESS.

FESS is the only treatment of choice of recurrent polyposis.

Lower chance of recurrence.

Recurrence rate is high due to allergic aetiology. Hence, medical follow up and treatment necessary.

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