1. Haemorrhage
2. Tear of the submucosal flaps
3. Trauma to surrounding structures such as turbinates and the Lamina Papyracea
4. CSF rhinorrhoea leak due to damage to the cribriform plate.
5. Aneasthesia complications like cardiac arrhythmias, hypertension.

1. Reactionary haemorrhage: This occurs due the wearing off effect of adrenaline and usually occurs within the first 48 hours after surgery
2. Septal hematoma
3. Septal abscess: Result from infected septal hematoma
4. Septal Perforation: It occurs if both the mucoperichondrial flaps are torn at the same site.
5. Meningitis: Infection can spread via the ophthalmic veins or cribriform plate causing meningitis or brain abscess.
Pain may persist for a few weeks in a few cases.

1. Atrophic Rhinitis
2. Flapping Septum: This is due to excessive cartilage removal
3. Saddle nose deformity: This occurs due to loss of cartilaginous support over the nasal bridge.
4. Columellar retraction: If anterior cartilage strip is removed during surgery this occureCOMPLICATION OF SMR
  Rounded Rectangle: (1) Anaesthesia Complications  (2) Trauma  (3) Bleeding  (4) CSF rhinorrhoea    Rounded Rectangle: (1) Atrophic rhinitis  (2) Flapping septum  (3) Saddle nose deformity  (4) Columellar retraction                     IMMEDIATE                                                                 LATE


Rounded Rectangle: (1) Reactionary haemorrhage  (2) Septal haematoma  (3) Septal abscess  (4) Septal Perforation  (5) Meningitis  (6) Septal Adhesions and synechiae formation       


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