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  • Allergic Rhinitis: An allergic condition characterized by sneezing and nasal blockage and nasal discharge.

  • Foreign Body in Nose: Foreign body in nose can present acutely, sub-acutely or many years later in adulthood.

  • Nasal Bleeding - Epistaxis: Bleeding from the nose most commonly arising from the Little's area of the nose.

  • Nasal Bone Fracture: Nasal bone fracture commonly occurs in accidents, sports injuries, etc.

  • Nasal Polyp - Antrochoanal: A prolapsed, pedunculated, painless, pearly white oedematous nasal mucosa, lining the nose and maxillary sinuses.

  • Nasal Polyps - Ethmoidal: Multiple, bilateral, painless, pearly white, grape like masses in nose arising from the ethmoidal air cells.

  • Nasal Septum - Basic Anatomy: Understanding the anatomy of the nasal septum.

  • Nasal Septum Deviation: Deviation (to one side) of the nasal bone that divides the nose into two nostrils.
  • Antral Puncture :It is a procedure done both for diagnosis and treatment of sinusitis, where a canula is inserted into the maxillary sinus via an opening made in the inferior meatus.
  • Nasal Polyps : are noncancerous growths within the nose or sinuses. Symptoms include trouble breathing through the nose, loss of smell, decreased taste, post nasal drip, and a runny nose. .
  • Atrophic Rhinitis: Atrophic Rhinitis is a chronic inflammatory nasal disease characterized by progressive atrophy of the mucosa, and underlying bone of the turbinates.
  • Rhinosporiodosis:

    Rhinosporiodosis is a chronic fungal infection of the mucous membrane of the nose and nasopharynx but occasionally involving the lips, palate, uvula, sinuses, larynx and skin.

    Rhinoscleroma:Rhinoscleroma is a progressive granulomatous disease of the nose, extending into the nasopharynx, oropharynx, larynx and rarely the trachea.
  • Nasopharyngeal Angiofibroma: They are benign, very vascular and biologically aggressive tumours, originating almost exclusively from posterior nasal and naso pharyngeal region in adolescent males.
  • Wenger's Granulomatosis :  It is a systemic disease of unknown Aetiology, causing necrotizing granulomata in the upper and lower respiratory tract and kidneys.
  • Posterior Rhinoscopy : This is a procedure used to examine the posterior part of the nasal cavity and nasopharynx.

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