Procedures Surgeries - Nasal Septum Correction

SMR Surgery Septoplasty
Radical Surgery Conservative Surgery

Killions incision taken 5 mm from caudal border of septal catilage Freer’s hemitransfixation incision taken at caudal border of septum
Not done below 17 years of age Can be done at any age
Mucosal flaps elevated on both sides Mucosal flaps elevated only on concave side of cartilage

Entire cartilage except 2-3 mm strip at caudal end may removed

Only deviated part of cartilage removed

Caudal dislocation cannot be corrected Caudal dislocation can be corrected
- Septal perforation
- Septal haematoma
- Supratip deformity
- Saddle nose deformity
- CSF rhinorrhoea

7) All complications are rare

Revision surgery very difficult Revision surgery can be done
Cannot be combined with rhinoplasty Can be combined with rhinoplasty

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