Procedures Surgeries - Syringing Ears

What is syringing?

Syringing is an OPD procedure used for removal of wax, foreign bodies, debris from the ear. This procedure is done by an aural syringe with a piston which can push water with force through a nozzle.

What are the indications for syringing?

Indications for syringing are as follows:

  1. Removal of wax
  2. Dried fungal debris
  3. Epithelial debris
  4. Blunt foreign bodies

What are the contraindications for syringing?

Contraindications for syringing are as follows:

  1. Acute inflammatory conditions of the external or middle ear.
  2. Perforation of the tympanic membrane
  3. Hygroscopic foreign bodies
  4. Sharp foreign bodies

How is syringing done?


  1. Patient is seated with the ear to be syringed towards the examiner
  2. A kidney tray placed over the shoulder of the patient
  3. The syringe is held in the right hand. Normal saline, distilled water or normal water can be used after boiling and cooling at 37º which is the normal body temperature. Water has to be cooled to body temperature to prevent labyrinthine stimulation.
  4. Pinna is pulled upward and backward and stream of water is directed towards the posterio-superior wall of the meatus. The pressure of the water builds up deeper to the wax and expels the wax out.
  5. The ear is made dry with a cotton swab after the procedure. At the end of this procedure, the ear canal, and tympanic membrane must be inspected and dried up with a cotton pledget.

What are the possible complications of syringing?

Possible complications of syringing are:

  1. Trauma to external canal or tympanic membrane
  2. Giddiness usually temporary
  3. Vaso-vagal shock

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