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Don’t take Sinus headaches easily, detailed guide!

What is Sinus headache?

It is a type of headache that may feel like pressure around the eyes, cheeks, and forehead. It is also associated with head throbs.

However, many people who assume that they have headaches from sinusitis, actually have migraines. read more

How long do sinus headaches last?

Sinus headaches caused by infection of the sinus can last up to two weeks or more, depending on the severity of your sinus infection.

When should I worry about sinus headaches?

  • Persistent sinusitis symptoms for longer than 10 days.
  • Worsening of sinus symptoms- This means symptoms start to improve and then get worse a few days later.
  • Fever, especially one over 102 ℉.
  • Asymmetric pain (one side much worse than the other) in one or more sinus areas.

How do I get rid of a sinus headache?

  1. Apply a warm compress to painful areas of the face.
  2. Use a decongestant to reduce sinus swelling and allow mucus to drain.
  3. Try a saline nasal spray or drops to thin mucus.
  4. Use a vaporizer or inhale steam from a pan of boiled water. Warm, moist air may help relieve sinus congestion.

What happens if you let a sinus infection go untreated?

It can lead to a brain abscess or meningitis, both of which can be life-threatening.

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