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I visited Dr Meenesh to take second opinion on my nasal surgery based on CT scan report. As we always say, 1st impression is the last impression! Based on my 1st visit, I decided to take further treatment from him. I went through two back to back nasal surgery. Needless to say, overall experience was very good from all perspective. Dr Meenesh is very calm and composed. 30% of your issues is resolved by the way he listens - completely and carefully. There is complete transparency and honesty in his work:

He explains in detail the reason and impact of illness and provide complete clarity of the treatment in layman language after identification of exact problem which I faced as a challenge with other doctors.Dr Meenesh has the latest equipment in patient examination room (OPD) as well as in OT. It helped me to finalise his nursing home for operation.He is very approachable though he is very busy

There was a lot of personal attention and enquiry even after discharge from the nursing home is really appreciable. Any small issues in the nursing home were immediately looked into and action was initiated. Overall management of the nursing home and staff are very supportive.I would recommend Dr Meenesh Juvekar for anyone with ENT problems

Gaurav Bansal, Mumbai
Category: Nose

I am Dr Yogesh Dooa (dental surgeon) having my clinic in chembur camp. I got my nasal fess surgery done at Juvekars nursing home by Dr Meenesh Juvekar. I was suffering from recurrent nasal congestion and blockage. Being dental surgeon it made it very uncomfortable for me to work. I am now perfectly fine. I would like to suggest and prefer even my patients to do visit him for any ENT related problems. thank you

Dr. Yogesh Dooa, Mumbai
Category: Nose

One day suddenly there was a watery fluid coming out from my left nostril. I went to my family doctor and he gave me medicine for cold and cough. In the night, I was down with high fever. Next day morning, I contacted Dr. Meenesh Juvekar. Though he was out of town he took all my details and asked me to go for MRI next day as it was Sunday on that day. I did MRI and the diagnosis was CSF leak from my nose which was suspected by Dr. Meenesh Juvekar. He immediately asked me to get myself admitted to Bombay Hospital and the next day he operated me. The water coming out of the nose was actually fluid coming from the brain; this could have been a very dangerous condition.

Thanks to Dr. Meenesh Juvekar's immediate treatment, correct diagnosis and very helpful friendly nature, I recovered and resumed my regular work. He is very calm and confident in his approach. I am sure with his ability and dedication he will solve many cases and successfully operate many patients like me in future. I wish him best of luck and great success.

Schubert Cardozo, Mumbai
Category: Nose

I M.V.KOTESWARABABU working as Asst. Branch Manager (sales) in L.I.C.OF INDIA at a place near Kapada in Andhra Pradesh. Due to small swelling at my left side of the neck , I went on several tests and it is confirmed as Goitre. Doctors told only way is surgery (Lobectomy). Immediately I had underwent Thyroid Surgery at HYDERABAD on 13.08.2012. After surgery I could not regain my voice. It was hoarse voice no pitch and clarity. They called speech therapist , still no change. Later I consulted one of the most reputed Hospital in Hyderabad the ENT surgeon is a famous and experienced doctor. He told my left vocal card is paralysed and called vocal cord palsy. He gave me tablets for 2 months to strengthen the nerve. Again I consulted the doctor after two months and there is no improvement and I am finding difficulty in my duties which is based on talking only. Doctor in Hyderabad told only solution is THYROPLASTY i.e. moving right vocal cord towards paralysed left vocal cord. I am afraid of another surgery.I also consulted a famous ENT super specialty hospital in Kadapa , Andhra Pradesh but all are in vain. I lost hope in getting back my voice back.

Unexpectedly in May 2013 ,I visited my close friend A.SYAMPRASAD'S house in MUMBAI who is working in S.B.I. with my family in vacation. He got the appointment of Dr.Meenesh Juvekar after through enquiry for a best ENT Doctor in Mumbai. We went to the Doctor on 14.05.2013. After examining me heconfirmed that I have left vocal cord palsy.He also pointed out that the right vocal cord there was swelling due to fatigue and excess pressure on it causing poor voice quality.

He referred to Voice Therapist Dr.Sonali Lohar in his Hospital. He assured us the problem will rectify with speech therapy. Still I did not have much hope.

In the evening we met the voice therapist therapist and she has a exclusive software about hoarse, harsh and breathy voice.She examined my voice recorded my voice and did a vocal analysis.

After explaining she suggested a set of exercises and VOICE HYGIENEprogramme. After a two hour sitting when I went back to home I found the change in voice. In just two days I got my normal voice back. The problem due to Thyroid surgery which I have face for more than 8 months gone.

I thank Dr.Meenesh for best diagnosis made and having best speech therapist in his hospital . If I have not visited his hospital I could not get my voice back and I continue with hoarse voice and facing troubles in society and in my work place.I once again grateful for the treatment given by Dr.MEENESH JUVEKAR and Dr SONALI -voice therapist for giving such a wonderful treatment which make my family happy and thankful for ever.

Category: Nose

One day suddenly there was a watery fluid coming out from my left nostril. I went to my family doctor and he gave me medicine for cold and cough. In the night, I was down with high fever. Next day morning, I contacted Dr. Meenesh Juvekar. Though he was out of town he took all my details and asked me to go for MRI next day as it was Sunday on that day. I did MRI and the diagnosis was CSF leak from my nose which was suspected by Dr. Meenesh Juvekar. He immediately asked me to get myself admitted to Bombay Hospital and the next day he operated me. The water coming out of the nose was actually fluid coming from the brain; this could have been a very dangerous condition.

Thanks to Dr. Meenesh Juvekar's immediate treatment, correct diagnosis and very helpful friendly nature, I recovered and resumed my regular work. He is very calm and confident in his approach. I am sure with his ability and dedication he will solve many cases and successfully operate many patients like me in future. I wish him best of luck and great success.

Rajeev Gavaskar, Mumbai
Category: Nose
I was suffering from sinusitis for almost 10 years. Past 5 years were really very troublesome with constant cough, cold and allergic rhinitis. I had visited many doctors but somehow the root cause was never analyzed and I was given medication for temporary relief and so the cold used to come back again after some time. I met Dr Meenesh Juvekar in June 2012 and after initial diagnosis, he advised me to go for a CT scan. After seeing my reports, he advised me to go for surgery to remove my polyps. Initially, I was little skeptical, but Dr Juvekar convinced me that the surgery will be completely painless and I can get back to my normal work within 2-3 days. I underwent operation in Nov 2012, and to my utter amazement it was a very smooth and painless process. The equipments used are the most modern & best in class, including the anesthetic procedure. Dr Juvekar has an expert hand and knows his job thoroughly. You feel completely safe and assured with him. Also I would like to extend my thanks to the entire staff of Juvekar Nursing Home; they are very caring & extremely good at their work. They have taken really good care of me during my stay, and also enquired about my status after I was released. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr Meenesh Juvekar to anyone who is suffering from any ENT ailment.

Name: Kusumita Mukherjee
Category: Nose
I was suffering from sinus problem since last 7 years; underwent a lot of medication but with relief only for a short period. Eventually, my nose got totally blocked and I could hardly breathe; later, I also started getting severe headaches. Finally I went to Bombay Hospital and met Dr. Meenesh Juvekar. I was surprised to find out that I had multiple polyps; I was advised Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery. After the operation, I am very fine and feel blessed as I can breathe freely after years. Now I can sing again and am living a healthy life. I want to thank Dr. Meenesh for all the care and guidance. He is a gem of a person.

Name: Gargi Das
Category: Nose
My name is Abdullahi Aliyu; I am 36 years old and from Nigeria. I have been suffering from sinusitis for last 7 years. I was treated for asthma for many years and was taking the inhalers for a long time. I had undergone an endoscopic surgery in India by Dr Meenesh Juvekar in July 2011. I thank him for his treatment and politeness.

Name: Abdullahi Aliyu
Category: Nose
I was suffering from nose blockage and allergies since 7 years and it was causing me breathing problems. Due to this, I was not able to concentrate on my studies and daily work. I had taken medicines from ayurvedic as well as homeopathic doctors but all in vain. After that I met Dr. Juvekar who, after examining me, recommended me to go for FESS and Septoplasty surgery. After the operation I have no problem regarding breathing and my continuous nose blockage is also gone completely. Now I am able to concentrate on my daily work without any hindrances. I can enjoy my life, my life was never better. All thanks to Dr. Juvekar.

Name: Amitkumar S Detke
Category: Nose
I am a veterinary surgeon and I suffered from some problem in my right ear in 2007. It was detected as a hole in the ear drum (perforated tympanic membrane) by Dr Meenesh Juvekar. In the first meeting itself, I felt that he was very different from ordinary ENT surgeons. I had worked in G S Medical College, KEM Hospital as a veterinary surgeon for 18 years and during that span, I had met many different surgeons but none like him. During my surgery, it felt as if a spirit was operating through his body and after my operation, everything was set right. He is a doctor with King Midas' touch. Whenever and whichever patient he operates, the surgery turns into a Golden Success. May God bless him.

Name: Dr R D Patil
Category: Ear
I was suffering from regular headaches and they were very very severe. Since the last 2 months, I could not handle anything. I used to visit my family doctor and used to be on medication for 2-3 days after which I would feel OK but the pain would start again suddenly. It was becoming unbearable day by day. Then a friend of mine suggested me to consult Dr Juvekar. I went for an opinion to the doctor and on the first day itself, he explained me the problem so nicely and suggested me a surgery which would solve my problem and cure me completely. So finally, I was in safe hands and decided to get treated by Dr Meenesh Juvekar. The procedure was absolutely painless and I didn't even feel as if I was getting operated. My stay in the hospital for 3 days was very good. The best thing I felt after the surgery is that I have never got the headache again. I feel really fresh and good. I would like to thank Dr Meenesh Juvekar for treating me and making me live a pain-free life.

Name: Kareena Bhatia
Category: Nose
I was suffering from swelling over the neck since 15 years and it was diagnosed as parotid tumour. I was very apprehensive of getting operated for fear of facial weakness. Dr. Meenesh Juvekar performed a parotidectomy on me and my tumour was successfully removed. My facial functions are absolutely normal. I thank Dr. Juvekar for all his efforts.

Name: Mahendra Namaye
Category: Throat
I was having this problem of reduced hearing from past 3 to 4 years; hence I was referred to Dr. Juvekar by my family Doctor (Dr. Suhas Avhad). It was really my good luck to get the treatment from such a wonderful and experienced doctor. I have been operated in my right ear (middle ear implant surgery). There has been remarkable improvement in my hearing ability. I would like to thank Dr. Meenesh Juvekar from the bottom of my heart.

Name: Manoj R Mahajan
Category: Ear
Every now and then I used to have a headache and would sneeze a lot especially on waking up in morning. I met Dr Meenesh Juvekar and he did a great analysis of my nose. He looked up my nose with this camera thing (I don’t know the technical name of the instrument) and did a thorough inspection. He advised me to go for septoplasty and turbinoplasty during my visit. I kept putting off the surgery because I was scared and unsure. After few weeks, I made an appointment for the surgery. Dr Meenesh did an amazing job of making me feel secure in my decision; I asked him a number of questions and he cleared all my doubts and explained me the procedure in detail.

Finally I had my septoplasty and turbinoplasty surgery done on 23/09/2011. When I woke up after the surgery, I had no pain – only a bit uncomfortable to breathe through mouth. Next day I had my packing taken out from each nostril. I could breathe through my nose as soon as they took the packing out.

Nasal spray, antibiotics and painkillers were prescribed. Finally I was discharged from the hospital and advised to take 2-3 days rest at home.

The whole proces was so smooth and easy. Today, I feel great. My nose is dry. Before my surgery, my nose was always stuffed up. I was a regular Otrivin user. After one week of surgery, I went again to see Dr Meenesh for post surgery checkup. Everything was normal, I could breathe easily. I was very happy.

My experience was great. The hospital staff was very attentive and amazing. I really say this from the heart that the reason this process went so smoothly and great was due to the care of Dr Meenesh.

Good Luck to everyone.

Name: Nadeem Ahmed
Category: Nose
I was suffering from severe breathlessness for over 2 months due to blockage of my nostrils from nasal polyps. Initial medication with steroids did not give much relief as my problem would restart once I stopped using nasal drops and drugs. I am a totally blind person aged 52 years and did not want the problem to persist. As per the advice of Dr. Meenesh Juvekar, I underwent surgery to remove polyps from both my nostrils. I underwent Sinus Endoscopy with a microdebridor or endoscopic shaver. Dr Meenesh used the latest technology and I did not have any pain during or post surgery. I felt relieved after the polyps were removed and today I am not having any blockage. I thank Dr. Meenesh Juvekar for making available the above technology which is painless and a trouble free process. My wife had also undergone operation for removal of polyps 2 years ago but the latest process of surgery was not available then and she suffered bleeding, pain etc., which I did not undergo.

Name: R. Dharmarajan
Category: Nose
I'm Mr Rohan Shetty and I was suffering from sinus and nasal bone problems. I was operated by Dr Meenesh Juvekar and now my breathing is fine and headaches are gone. I am very thankful to Dr Meenesh Juvekar for his wonderful service.

Name: Rohan Shetty
Category: Nose
I was suffering from reduced hearing in both my ears since two years. It was affecting my work and job. I was operated for a stapedectomy in my left ear by Dr Meenesh Juvekar. My hearing is perfect now and it has made a drastic change in my lifestyle and work. I am very thankful to the doctor.

Name: Vikrant Bandagale
Category: Ear
My relation with Dr. Meenesh Juvekar is special. Apart from the patient-doctor relation that we share, I had a very good experience during my stay in the hospital. I never felt that I'm in a hospital because of the treatment given and type of service. Coming to my health problem, I had undergone endoscopic surgery for sinusitis, 8 years back at my native place. Over a period, it got aggravated and required another surgery. Due to lack of clear information about the facilities and cost of surgery at Juvekar nursing home, I underwent the same surgery in my native place. But within 1 year, I again started suffering from the same health issue. This time it was uglier than the previous. Some colleagues suggested I should consult Dr. Meenesh Juvekar. Doctor explained to me the present scenario clearly and made me understand what the problem is and advised another endoscopic clean up when the situation turned bad. I tried to control the problem with some pain killers but they did not help me much so I decided to go in for endoscopic surgery under Dr Juvekar. With good facilities and advanced equipment, my surgery was successful. Dr Meenesh took utmost care right from room arrangement up to the discharge. He also gave me good mental support. Most important thing is that operation was done at a very nominal cost – much lesser than other hospitals. Though sinusitis is a problem which cannot be cured 100%, I'm feeling a lot of relief by following the precautions advised to me by Dr Meenesh. It is worth mentioning that apart from being a wonderful doctor, he is a good classical tabla player. In one sentence, "He is one in a million". Thanks doctor. Thank you for all that you have done for me.

Name: Alapati Bhanuji
Category: Nose
I visited Dr. Meenesh Juvekar in May, 2011. Hardly 5 minutes into the appointment, after asking a series of questions, he diagnosed my issue. After conducting a physical examination, he confirmed what he had said. Prompt to suggest the cure together with a complete explanation of the procedure, Dr. Meenesh Juvekar helped me reach the desired decision. At his nursing home, a quiet and friendly place, I had a good homely experience without any jitters seen by patients in other places. The surgery has proven to be very good for me. All in all, Dr. Meenesh Juvekar is an experienced doctor who makes his patients feel at ease and gives them the desired result.

Name: Saurabh Khetan
Category: Throat
This is Dr. Lokesh Jangir, an MBBS intern from Nair Hospital, but for Dr. Meenesh I am a patient of retracted tympanic membrane with mild hearing loss. I had ear discharge since 4-5 months and had been advised a modified radical mastoidectomy by someone. I was also told that I would have to live with hearing loss of 15-20%. Then one of my friends told me about Dr Meenesh Juvekar. I consulted him and Dr. Meenesh did a cortical mastoidectomy (a simpler operation) for me resulting in ‘hearing improvement’ instead of a hearing loss as the other doctor had predicted. As a doctor himself, Sir realized the importance of hearing for me (in my future practice) and the impact of hearing loss at the age of 24. Sir explained and counseled me as well as my parents about everything. Sir gave me the best possible pre and post op care. And a thorough professional that he is, he didn’t charge me his fees for the operation as per the medical etiquettes. Even now, he is always there to listen to me on phone whenever I call him for anything. He is a gem of a person both personally and professionally… Thank you very much Sir.

Name: Dr Lokesh Jangir
Category: Ear


My son Rigved Mankame, 11 years old  was suffering from Adenoid hypertrophy and  infected Tonsils  for almost one and half years . He was also suffering from severe breathlessness . He was having constant cold and cough . Past one and half year is very troublesome for him . He could not concentrate on his studies .  He was given medication for these problem but it did not give much relief and problem would restart once he stop his drugs and sprays. He had taken medicines from homeopathic doctors but all in vain. Then one of my friend suggested Dr.Meenesh Juvekar . So I visited to  Dr.Meenesh Juvekar . he checked and diagnosed that Rigved had a polyp also. So Dr.Meenesh Juvekar advised  FESS + Nasal Polyp +  Tonsils surgery . Initially we were worried because he had to undergo for three surgeries .  , but Dr Juvekar convinced us  that the surgery will be completely painless and he can get back to his normal work within one week.  So Rigved  underwent operation in April 2014 and  it was a very smooth and painless process. The equipments used are the most modern & best , including the anesthetic procedure. I thanks to Dr.Meenesh Juvekar also I would like to thanks to the entire staff of Juvekar Nursing Home; they are very caring & extremely good . They have taken really good care of my son during his stay. He felt relieved after the surgery & today he has not having any Problem . Today he can breath smoothly and enjoy his regular life. Again I sincerely thanks Dr.Meenesh Juvekar for his correct diagnosis and very helpful friendly nature .  I wish him best of luck and great success.  I truly recommend Dr Meenesh Juvekar to anyone who is suffering from any ENT Problems.  

 ( Rigved Mankame )

Category: Throat & Nose


My daughter was suffering from Sinusitis , Blocked nose and she could hardly breathe at night  and Due to this she was not able to concentrate on studies .  We had visited few doctors but  the medication used to give her  only temporary relief .  One of my friend gave the reference of Dr. Meenesh Juvekar and we met the Doctor on first week of July 2014  and he advised to go for CT scan for detailed investigation .  After seeing the report , he advised us to go for  Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery ( FESS) which  would  solve the problem as her  nose bone was little bend to left side  and sinus on the right side of the nose which caused the nose blockage .  We immediately took decision to go for Surgery  and she was operated on 28th July 2014  and next day  she was discharged from the Hospital . Now my daughter is able to breathe properly  and she can went to college 2days after  discharge from hospital . Dr. Meenesh Juvekar is young and  new generation doctor  and he uses the  latest  modern equipment for surgery in his Hospital  . Juvekars Hospital staff are also well trained and very caring .  For any ENT related problem I will always recommend Dr Meenesh Juvekar  .


( Pratap Panicker )

Category: Nose

My name is Sanjay Soman.I was suffering from hearing loss in both ears since 9-10 years.I  was also suffering from a heart ailment because of which doctors  were reluctant to operate my ear. My hearing loss was more than 70 percent hence I had a lot of problems at work.I had actually lost all hope till I met Dr Meenesh Juvekar in Mumbai . Doctor explained to me the details of the problem was due to my hearing bones getting fixed. He advised me to do a surgery replacing the hearing bone called Stapedotomy convinced me about the  results. Accordingly I was operated in my left ear in October 2014.I recovered quickly without any pain or discomfort. My hearing is excellent and Iam very happy  after many years.

Thank you to Dr Juvekar and his staff!!!!

Mr.Sanjay Soman Mumbai

Category: Ear


"Myself Pankaj S Patil.I was suffering from hearing loss in both ears since 6-7 years. Due to this my hearing loss is almost 50 % then I was operated for this treatment 5 years back with other Doctor which was not successfull. Hence I was doubtfull about the success of the treatment. After that I met with Dr Meenesh Juvekar in Mumbai .He is very friendly. He explained to me the details of the problem was due to my hearing bones getting fixed. He advised me to do a surgery replacing the hearing bone called Stapedotomy convinced me about the  results. Accordingly I was operated in my right ear in Feb 2015.I recovered quickly without any pain or discomfort. My hearing is excellent and Iam very happy  after many years.

I am Earnestly thanking you Dr. Meenesh Juvekar."

Pankaj S Patil
Category: Ear


Dear JNH ,
    ** Greetings of the day**
       I am pleased to inform you
that it was been really hard for me to get over my breathing problem.
Dr.Meenesh's treatment and very kind attitude of the hospital staff has
helped me to recover fast. It is not just the treatment, but the care and
empathy shown by doctors like Dr.Meenesh who make the world a better place to live in.
Now I’m on the way to recover soon.
Thank “U”.
-R egards,   Ms. Gargie Kulkarni
  Podar Jumbo Kids,
Category: Nose


Dear Dr.Juvekar
" The young, energetic and humane ENT Surgeon Dr.Meenesh Juvekar
operated me recently to remove a growing "Parotid Gland Tumor" below
the left ear. The sensitive  and complicated operation was done in a
professional manner by Dr Juvekar in his compact and well equipped
Nursing Home at Chembur supported by capable para medical staff.  I am
keeping fine after the surgery. "

Kind regards
N R Narayanan, Chembur

Category: Head & Neck


The persistent headaches and nasal blockage has given me nightmares .Post visiting the doctor i was diagnosed with Pansinusittis and DNS and advised for FESS and septoplasty. I was very apprehensive to go for FESS and  Septoplasty for sinusitis and deviated nasal septum. Well,with little effort I got to know about Dr Meenesh and decided to visit him. Inspite of very tight schedule he listened me very patiently and cleared all my doubts. In fact I had prepared a set of questions and he answered so convincingly without leaving an iota of doubt and I decided to have my surgery at Juvekar nursing home.
I feel a lot better post surgery. Thanks to the Dr. Meenesh and his team at Juvekar Nursing home. They are really caring and concerned lot.
Now I can work properly and got rid of irritating nasal blockage and headaches.

Heartfelt Thanks to Dr Meenesh! "


Category: Nose


I am Mrs. Pushkala Ranganathan.   I had developed ear problem in both my ears at the very early stage of my life.  I went for a thorough ENT test and found that both my ears had perforation in my ear drum  combined with acute Mastoiditis problem leading to hearing loss in both the ears. 
I was operated for the right ear way back in 1988 only for Mastoiditis and the doctor who did the surgery  did not do anything for the perforation, as a result of which myhearing problem in my right did not show any improvement.     The left ear which had to be operated immediately for the same problem,  could not be done due to various domestic issues.  I had hearing problem in both my ears. 
All through these years, I was pulling on with some issues in my ear which got treated with medications.  When  the problem became very acute, I had to visit a ENT.  The ENT whom I visited took the problem very casually and immediately told me to go in for surgery without explaining anything to me.  He also said that I can remove the dressing on the 3rd day of my surgery and can continue my daily chores immediately thereafter.     Somehow I was not convinced due to lack of clear information about the surgery and also  that he had taken this too casually. 
I decided to go in for second opinion.   I first came to know about  Juvekar Nursing Home  by researching on the internet .  I made a thorough research on various ENT doctors in Mumbai and found Dr. Meenesh Juvekar on the web site.  Sometimes it so happens that without your knowledge you get connected to somebody at the first instance.   That was my case with Dr. Juvekar.  Somehow I felt that he is going to be my saviour and deep within I had a very strong feeling that he is going to cure me.  I took appointment with Dr. Juvekar.  I found him to be  exceptional at the first instance by his smooth talk which gave me more confidence.  He has a way to deal with patients by giving them the time and patient hearing.
The best part is he never told me at the first instance to go in for surgery.  He told me to get a CT scan done and if my bones are OK to meddle with (mainly due to age factor), he said he will go ahead with the surgery.  He answered all my questions and concerns and explained in detail the whole procedure.
I never gave a second thought to this and agreed to go ahead with the surgery. My surgery was done successfully by Dr. Juvekar and he  reconstructed my whole ear drum.   It was a surreal experience. I felt like a Princess with an entourage of highly skilled medical professionals with impeccable bedside manners, and unsurpassed care and compassion. This surgery had a risk of partial facial nerve damage but Dr. Juvekar  did a phenomenal job, with no facial weakness and no paralysis,  It was a major surgery which took him about more than 3 hours.  All went well after surgery, my recovery was easy and  without any discomfort and pain.    Utmost care was taken post surgery by the Doctor.  What I was mostly amazed was, that I used to use hearing aids in both ears prior to my surgery, and miraculously after surgery I was amazed to say I did not need them anymore.  So without a doubt I would always highly recommend Dr. Juvekar to everybody for his  hospitality and warm personality.  Words cannot express how happy I am that I have found Dr. Meenesh Juvekar. All I have to say is that Dr. Meenesh Juvekar is an experienced doctor who makes his patients feel at ease and gives them the desired result. Already I have recommended him to my en number of my friends who are having ear problem.  I am sure nobody will  be disappointed after their visit to Juverkar Nursing home and meeting Dr. Juvekar.   Once again I owe my thanks to him for completely curing me. My husband joins me in thanking Dr. Juvekar.  May God bless him with all success and happiness in the years to come.

Thanks to Dr Meenesh! "

Pushkala Ranganathan

Category: Ear


I am Muzamil Shaikh, based in Kuwait and our region is prone to seasonal allergies due to dust storms variation in hot/cold weather.. Since last 2 years I was suffering from severe allergy with running, cough & cold, the situation was very serious with anti allergies on a daily basis and antibiotics got extended from 5 days/ 7 days/ 2 weeks and even was given steroids drugs, still after few days I would again get fall sick with severe cold. Without Otrivin spray twice a day I was unable to breath. I went into depression due to poor health and was also unable to focus at work. I was advised CT scan (in April15) at local hospital in Kuwait and figured out I have a deviated septum and right side of my nose was blocked. Doctor assured if I do the surgery (septoplasty) it may help me to counter the allergies by 70% and cold medicines would be more effective in case of allergies.  Since I was planning my annual leave in July I preferred to do it in Mumbai (India) considering the rest I may need for recovery.
I was given the reference of one ENT specialist at Fortis Hospital Mulund, I stay very close to his hospital and was not sure it would be the right decision to go there, I googled for best ENT in Mumbai and came across Dr.Juvekar’s website after reading for few minutes decided to call for an appointment when I reached Mumbai, the appointment dates were not available and I had limited 20 days holidays I was in panic and I requested hospital staff to allow me to see Dr.Juvekar as I have come from far and I have less holidays, I reached his Clinic in Chembur at 6.30pm and got to see the doctor at 10.30pm he is really a very busy doctor, in the mean time while I was waiting I saw 2 guys (Arabs) from Abudhabi my confidence increased thinking must be a good dr. otherwise why would people from other country come to his Chembur clinic and when I saw Dr.Meenesh I was convinced, first thing he does is makes you very comfortable and explains everything in detail in spite of his busy schedule , I had many things on my mind but knowing how busy the doctor is I kept my discussion to the point and he asked me undergo few tests and email them the reports and reports were normal so in 2 days I got the appointment for the surgery, must say along with the doctor the entire hospital staff is very friendly and professional. My surgery went very smooth it was painless only a bit of discomfort to breath from the mouth for 2 days due to the dressing on the nose. Post surgery follow up was quite good and I had a good recovery I was advise from nasal spray to keep the nose clean and had 10 days of medicine course. All this happen in less than 12 weeks along with surgery with 2 follow up visits. Now I can breath better and sleep like a baby.  There was a lot of personal attention and enquiry even after the discharge from the hospital.
The real test was will it be the same when I reach Kuwait. Whenever I use to travel even for a weekend out of Kuwait the moment I land in Kuwait right from the airport I use to sneeze a lot. Post surgery when I landed first on 22nd Aug 15 I did not sneeze this is miracle to me and I am doing much better without any anti allergies and antibiotics anymore. I would strongly suggest any one and recommend Dr Meenesh Juvekar for any ENT ailment he is the BEST. I hope my testimonial helps other patients to make the right decision my choosing Dr.Meenesh’s clinic for their treatment. I wish him a great success and pray for his well being, May God always bless him.

Name : Muzamil Shaikh
Category: Nose

I am a Businessman having Manufacturing and Trading facilities and was suffering from nose blockage and persistent cold since a couple of years. This problem aggravated and started causing me breathing problems which prevented me from performing my daily routine work and daily workouts since last One Year and I lost the concentration to work. I tried Homeopathic medicines but in vain. I consulted Dr.Meenesh Juvekar, who advised me to undergo FESS surgery, after thorough examination and CT Scan. The operation was conducted in such a professional manner that I did not feel like undergoing one. The post-operation care and follow-up was superb. The whole procedure from examination to operation and then post-operation was carried out so smoothly and hassle-free that I felt like being treated in homely atmosphere. The problems of nose blockage and persistent cold have been totally taken care of. Now I am able to concentrate on my work and pursue my hobbies without any sorts of problems. I am Thankful to Dr. Meenesh Juvekar who got me rid of my persisting problems which were slowly and gradually leading to other Health Issues.

(Pankaj Bansal)
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Myself Viji Chacko was suffering from ear ache, swelling, watery fluid coming out from my left ear, I went to various doctors but no one suggested me the exact cause of this problem. I was on meditation for 4-5 months but it didn't give me any relief .Finally I met Dr.Meenesh Juvekar Doctor explained me the details of the problem was due to Pseudomonas aeruginosa  infection which is very dangerous to treat and had perforation in my ear drum  combined with acute Mastoids problem leading to hearing loss in my left  ears  He advised me to undergo Mastoid surgery. My surgery was done successfully by Dr. Juvekar Utmost care was taken post surgery by the Doctor. He made me very comfortable and explained everything in detail in spite of his busy schedule. “Felt that I got the best possible treatment. He is very sincere and honest in his profession. My husband joins me in thanking Dr. Juvekar..Once again Thank you so much for providing such wonderful service for me. I highly recommend Dr.Meenesh Juvekar for any ENT problem.

Viji Chacko Mathew, Sion, Mumbai
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Hi I am Ms. Ranganathan.  I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Meenesh Juvekar, ENT surgeon who did the surgery of both my ears.  My left ear surgery of Mastoidectomy  and Tympnoplasty was done in the month of August 2016 which was a successful surgery.  I had given my feedback during that time. My  right ear surgery for the same problem was done  recently on 7th April 2016.  Since my ear bones had become very weak, Dr. Juvekar had explained to me pre surgery only that the outcome may not be that good.  But since surgery was a must for my ear and also my perpetual faith in him made me go ahead with the surgery. The surgery was a great success.  The wounds healed on time and within 4 days I recovered completely for my age as I am 62 years now.  Also to my surprise the hearing has become very sharp compared to before.  Nothing is exaggerated here.  Only the facts are put in writing. Previously I used to constantly wear hearing aid but till now after the surgery I have not started using the aid.  The credit goes to Dr.   Juvekar.  Almighty has blessed him with golden hands.  His confidence and pleasant approach to patients is a great asset imbibed in him.  May God shower his blessings on him and his family.

Thanks very much Dr. Juvekar.

Best Regard

Ms. Pushkala Ranganathan

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I have been suffering from terrible migraines since the past few years accompanied with occasional nasal blockage. If at all I suffered from a minor cold, it would generally take me several weeks and several visits to my local ENT doctor (in Jakarta/ Indonesia) to recover. During my visit to Mumbai, I decided to consult with Dr. Meenesh Juwekar who then diagnosed my sinusitis/ deviated septum issue with a few tests. He suggested that the best option would be a surgery/ septoplasty. Its been a few weeks after the surgery and I must say, its one of the best decisions I've made so far. My headaches have subsided and my nose feels brand new.
Dr. Meenesh has been very helpful in communicating with any queries before and post surgery and most certainly treated my sinusitis with his very competent skills. 

Thank you,

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Dr Meenesh Juvekar has an eye for detail and the latest equipment as well as medical techniques, alongwith the urge to remove the cause of dis-ease of anyone who approaches him. Such doctors devoted to their profession are rare to find and sure to accomplish their goal in life.

Kosaraju Sudha
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Hello this is Parveen Vahevaria, I have been Operated by Dr Meenesh for stapedotomy of the ear. 
Dr. Meenesh Juvekar and his staff are all I could have hoped for in a medical practitioner for ear surgery.  He has been my primary care Surgeon and has  provided me absolute best care, and I believe, best advice and treatment during every visit and for every issue.
I had a problem in hearing clear due to my ear bones getting fixed & my hearing percentage was also decreased, but after the surgery I can hear well .
The Doctor has used the latest & Best implant for my ear. I was very anxious before the surgery but gracefully it was successful.  
If you are looking for a doctor whose medical knowledge is encyclopedic,  treats the ear, and takes the time to be caring , "I believe Dr. Meenesh Juvekar is someone you should consider visiting."

Parveen Vahevaria
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I just got my Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty Surgery done at Juvekar Clinic in Chembur, Mumbai, and I am extremely happy that I chose to do it there! I was suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea and hadn’t slept in over 2 years! I am from Las Vegas, Nevada, and the doctors over there kept on postponing the surgery because they didn’t know exactly how to handle my condition. I had been suffering with incomplete and disturbed sleep and my snoring had been out of control. I finally decided to come to India and got in touch with Dr. Meenesh Juvekar. My condition was treated immediately and I received comprehensive pre and post medical care at the clinic. Post surgery, my snoring is almost negligible and I am sleeping soundly for 7-8 hours straight! It’s a relief and I can see the improvement in my daily activities too! 
I highly recommend Dr. Juvekar and his clinic, the healthcare service there is top notch!

Thank you very much, Dr. Juvekar!

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I had the nose deviation operation last month under Dr.Meenesh Juvekar in Juvekar nursing home.

I was little disturbed as it was my first surgery. Dr Dr Juvekar made me comfortable and explained me the process and why we need to do this surgery. He cleared all my queries. Thanks to him.

Since I was not able to inhale I have to do this surgery as early as possible and it was decided to do next day.

Dr Juvekar helped me in making all the pre surgery tests.On surgery day I was taken to surgery room after explaining the anesthesia process and other process.

Surgery completed in 1 hr and believe me there was no pain, I simply felt nothing has happened.

Regarding the Staff :

o   Staff was prompt

o   They had given me medicines on time and were very expert.

Overall full marks to Dr Meenesh Juvekar and his team.



Overall: Full marks to Dr Meenesh Juvekar and his team.

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Hello, I am Dr. Shalini, gynaecologist associated with fortis and motherhood, navimumbai. I was suffering from sinusitis, infection headaches and running nose since 6 years. The condition worsened after relocation to Mumbai. I was sick and tired of popping oral steroids for my nasal polyps.  I got Dr. meenesh 'S reference from colleagues atBlore and Mumbai.  Ivusited sir at chembur at his clinic. Very patiently he listened to my problems (mind u doctors are the worst patients). He clearly would have noticed my decreased zest for life and work due to these health issues.  He explained me the importance of fess in my case. I got operated at his nursing home in April.  I remember he had a very busy schedule that week. In spite of that he took our time for me. Above that kind hearted Dr.  helped us to lower the cost of surgery too. Post operatively surprisingly apart from mild discomfort there was no issue.Dr.juvekar took  post operative visits every 6thhrly. Personally. Excellence personified.  I saw Dr. Talking with other patients with calmness. He is a class apart.  Nw it's been two months after my surgery.  Miraculously my asthma medications have been cutout and there is a dramatic improvement in my disease.  I can't thankDr juvekar and his whole staff enough.  Looking at his passion, hard work, calmness, kind hearted ness it won't be wrong to say _ next Dr. Devi shetty of this country. May reach great heights.  God bless. 

Thanking you,

Dr. Shalini

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Hi I would like to tell you how I had my life transformed a surgery which like a cosmetic surgery changed everything. I had serious hearing issues right from my childhood days I remember with dry wax ,an oozing ear,foul smell from both ears, and above all hearing deficiency too to top all issues. My parents were a lot worried for me but were also helpless ,due to financial constraints as Well as no Doctor Who could guide them, which only lead to worsening the ear problems. It's not that they didn't take me to a doctor, they did the me, but all said its normal the kid is partially deaf and they couldn't help much. As I grew up It became serious issue apart from being a case of mockery among all, I also couldn't hear what the teacher or professors teach or say at the school or college respectively ,which turned me further into an introvert not only as a kid but also a teenager as I couldn't neither hear people clearly or for fear of foul smelling ears making me non-confident further resulting into inferiority complex. Somehow I cleared my school and college, got marks though I really felt I deserved more of I could hear better so as to grasp more; but accepted the fact. Had been a case of mockery not only among closest of friends but also among very close relatives ,the family doctor again said no use Operating/surgery as hearing loss is a common case as he himself was partially deaf and also the surgery doesn't guarantee/assure a better a hearing. Then i started my job, was into public dealing in a public sector enterprise. Again this issue cropped up as I was to deal with general public , as time passed it started worsening ,ears started oozing more in rainy season or whenever I would have a shower bath at home or at a waterfall or water parks.Then I had all the check ups done by July 2018 as my right ear started paining suddenly One fine morning and then I was admitted with severe pain at Dr. Juvekars clinic in August as I had consulted him previously once .I had issues with both the ears, implants were required in one ear and the other one was in a worst condition. One ear was operated in August, the next in November ,and now almost 2 months after the last operation, i have a much improved audibility, though I never believed I would be having a recovery to this extent but this is all due to Dr. Meenesh's help ,of course Doctor had also assured I would be regaining a lot of my hearing capability. Lack of Awareness of the problem is a problem and the non-awareness of availability of a remedy is serious one too. Or I could have recovered my loss long back and with a higher percentage. But better late then never. Owe you alot sir.  

Thanking you,


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I consulted Dr. Meenesh Juvekar after a continuous watery discharge from my left nostril only.This condition turned out CSF (Leakage) Rhinorrhea. Cerebrospinal Fluid (Leakage) Rhinorrhea is a condition where a clear colorless protective fluid, that surrounds the brain along with bathing and cushioning it against trauma,finds its way through nose (mostly from only one nostril).It occurs when there is a damage in skull base and nasal membranes(dura).It is a rare disease. But it could transform into a potentially calamitous and disastrous situation as it is often mistaken as common cold and running nose.If this tear is left untreated it can cause infection of the brain tissues(meningitis). Dr. Juvekar instantly put me on recovery treatment while he prescribed one secretion test in particular along with two CT scans. It came out in the CT reports that the leakage area was quite large and there were other defects also in the cribriform plate( the bony barrier between the nose and brain). I underwent for the endoscopic surgery on March 18,2019, in Bombay Hospital. Despite all complications my surgery went very well and successful.It's been two months and my recovery is going very well and steady.I give all the credit to Dr. Meenesh Juvekar for that who did this surgery and saved me from the potentially devastating health condition. His staff is also very well-behaved, kind, and courteous. I also got a follow-up call from the Nursing Home about my recovery and well-being. That was really a nice gesture.I was touched. Dr. Meenesh Juvekar is an extremely skilled, well experienced surgeon,and a good human being. He is also very kind and compassionate towards his patients.He guided me for all the precautions that were needed to be taken pre and post surgery.I experience that he always listens every single detail very carefully .He explains the situation honestly and comprehensively.He is never in hurry while attending his patients.He has busy schedules, yet I find that he is always approachable.Since the very first day of consultation to surgery and after surgery, I got panicked several times. In all those situations I found his words really helpful in remaining calm. He planned every single step pre and post surgery wisely which helped in relieving my parents from their anxiety to a major extent. During my treatment sometimes he proactively suggests alternatives for the super little issues that I never find worth complaining such as drinking a syrup that tastes horrible.It's really difficult to remember such subtle details about each patient when you are treating many of them everyday, but Dr. Juvekar does it efficiently. One thing that I would really like to mention here and said to Dr. Juvekar as well in person that after the first consultation I had this faith that my case was in good hands or probably the best one. Now after surgery I can say without a shadow of doubt that I won half of my battle over my disease when I consulted Dr. Meenesh Juvekar. I can't thank him enough, because not only he prescribed me the best suitable treatment and performed a precise surgery, but also he dealt with me, my parents, my queries, and my fears with infinite patience, compassion, and angelic benevolence. I wish him all the success, contentment, and good heath(most importantly).  


Shilpi Tiwari

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I am Febina Colaco.
I was suffering from ear problem ( use to hear sounds like whisteling) for more than 2-3 years. I went to many doctor who gave me different medicines and treatment but everything was in vain. My problem was increasing day by day and I was losing hearing power slowly. Then I started searching on Google for ENT specialist with good ratings and came across Dr.Meenesh Juvekar.
I visited Dr.Juvekar and he after hearing my problem, asked me to undergo Audiogram test and suggested surgery for both my ears. I underwent surgery for both my ears with a gap of one and half month.
The doctor n staffs are very helpful and supportive. They are qualified and experienced to handle patients with great care. Surgery was successful and doctor prescribed me some medicines and asked for rest. He also gave me some precautionary measures to be followed (like avoid loud noise, water should not enter ear, avoid weight lifting, flights etc) I am feeling the difference in my problem. My hearing has improved a lot and whistling sound in my ear has reduced.
I highly recommend Dr. Meenesh Juvekar for people suffering from ENT issues.
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Febina Colaco.
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