THROAT - Chronic laryngitis

What is Aetiology of Chronic Laryngitis?

1) Constitutional
2) Metabolic
3) Diabetes, hypothyroidism
4) Vit A deficiency

II. Physical
1) Chronic voice abuse
2) Chronic cough

III. Chemical
1) Smoking
2) Alcohol
3) Infective





What are symptoms of chronic Laryngitis?

1. Patient complains of hoarse voice with variation in pitch
2. Vocal fatigue
3. Chronic throat irritation
4. Dry hacking cough

1.       Vocal cord edges loose their pearly shine and appear red and congested   with dilated blood vessels on the superior surface.
2.       Cord movements appear asynchronous and flabby on phonation
3.       Thick mucus seen on the cords.
4.       In advanced untreated cases, mucosa exhibits polypoid changes.

Pathophysiology :
Dilated vessels are seen on superior surface of vocal cords.
Movements are flabby and sluggish. Interstitial oedema and inflammatory exudates are present.
If not treatment is taken, Laryngeal polyps develop on true and false cords with fibrosis and hyalinization of cords.

What is the treatment of chronic laryngitis?

1.       Stop smoking and alcohol
2.       Plenty of fluids to thin secretion
3.       Voice rest
4.       Steam inhalation
5.       Expectorants to reduce cough
6.       Well humidified atmosphere
7.       If no improvement, stripping of the vocal cords by microlaryngoscopy
and laser











clinical types of chronic laryngitis


Simple diffuse             Chronic diffuse           Keratosis                                 Contact ulcer
Hyperplastic                hyperplastic                 leucoplakia,
Larynights                   larynights                    squamous cell

Reversible in               Associated                  Associated with                      Seen in vocal
few weeks                   with respiratory           gastro-oesophageal                  Overuse
infection,                     reflux


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