THROAT - Hasimoto’s thyroiditis

Syndrome: Struma Lymphomatosa

What is Hasimoto's thyroiditis?

Common autoimmune disorder seen predominantly in women. Considered to be autoimmune since it coexists with other autoimmune conditions and is associated with presence of anti-thyroid antibodies in the serum.

Clinical presentation:
1)      Common in women who have goitre and hypothyroidism
2)      Usually not associated with any other symptoms
3)      The enlargement in the thyroid is diffuse and less commonly nodular or   asymmetrical
4)      Carcinoma should be suspected when thyroiditis is associated with one or        more nodules

Thyroid function studies are usually normal. Radioiodine uptake scans show decreased uptake with patchy distribution.

What is the treatment of  Hashimotos thyroiditis?
1)      Usually treated with long term thyroxine
2)      Surgery is indicated when :
i) When mass does not get suppressed by thyroxine therapy
ii) When the gland continues to increase despite thyroxine
iii) When FNAC is suggestive of malignancy 


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