THROAT - Laryngocoele

What is laryngocoele?

These are air filled cystic swellings lined by columnar ciliated epithelium.

1) Congenital
2) Acquired

What is the Aetiology of laryngocoele?

1) Seen in professional trumpet players, glass blowers
2) Persons having chronic cough and asthma

What are the clinical features of laryngocoele?

1)      Swelling in the neck which reduces on pressure and increases
on valsalvas manoeuvre
2)      Hoarsness of voice with normal vocal cords
3)      Sudden onset stridor
4)      Dysphagia, with bad breath
5)      Snoring
6)      Pain
7)      Coughing

Sequelae: Pyocoele formation

What investigations are required for the diagnosis of laryngocoele?

1)      Plain X-ray neck shows an air filled sac.
2)      CT scan neck shows the extent and origin of the laryngocoele.
Both the above investigations are done with and without
valsalvas manoeuvre.

What is the treatment of laryngocoele?

Surgical treatment is advised only if patient is symptomatic or if the laryngocoele is infected.
Surgery aims at excising the saccule thereby reducing the recurrence  rate.        








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