THROAT - Vincent’s angina

What is Vincent's angina?

This is an acute ulcerative type of tonsillitis and gingivitis. Vincent first described this disease and its organism

What  are the causes of  Vincent's angina?

1. Age: Usually seen in young middle age in the third to fourth decade.
2. Low immunity due to illness.
3. Dental: Local irritative lesions in the mouth, decayed teeth
4. Vitamin C deficiency in blood is an important factor
5. Environmental : More common in temperature and tropical climates than arctic regions.

Spread: Disease spread by personal contact, kissing, using unclean towels  etc.
Organism: Gram negative fusiform bacillus with associated spirillum – Borrelia vincenti.

What is the pathology of  Vincent's Angina?

1.       The infection usually involves one tonsil usually at its upper pole. It may          spread to soft palate, gums, larynx and trachea.
2.       The tonsil shows patches covered by a membrance.
3.       The  membrane is a pseudomembrance and is formed by necrosis of the
superficial layers of the mucous membrance.
4.       On removal of this pseudomembrance, an ulcerative area is exposed.


What are clinical symptoms  of  Vincent's Angina?

1. Throat pain
2. High fever, malaise
3. Foul breath
4. Greyish membrane seen over tonsil
5. Cervical lymphadenopathy


What is the treatment of  Vincent's angina?

1. Systemic: High antibiotics, penicillin and its derivatives very effective.
2. Local
a. Sodium Perborate paste is spread over the ulcer. This releases oxygen and controls the growth of organisms.
b. Hydrogen peroxide gargles.

3. Isolation of the patient is useful to prevent spread of infection to surroundings.

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