Allergic Rhinitis

Atrophic Rhinitis


It is an IgE, mediated hypersensitivity disease of the nasal mucous membrane.


It is a chronic inflammatory nasal disease, characterized by progressive atrophy of nasal mucosa and turbinates.

It can be seasonal or perennial.

It has 2 types:

Type I- Endarteritis and periarteritis.

Type II- Vasodilatation of capillaries.

Occurs more in cold environment.

Occurs in tropical countries.

Not related to nutrition especially Iron, Vit A deficiency.

Nutrition is an important factor.

Psychological stress known to precipitate allergy.

Not related to psychological factors.

Clinical Features:

  • Nasal irritation.
  • Watery discharge. 
  • Sneezing episodes.
  • Anosmia.

Clinical Features:

  • Foul smell (Ozaena).
  • Dryness with nasal blockage.
  • Epistaxis.
  • Anosmia.


Anterior and posterior rhinoscopy reveals, turbinate hypertrophy, congested mucosa and ethmoidal polyps may be present.


Anterior and posterior rhinoscopy reveals, greenish crusts, with roomy nostrils, foul smell and pale nasal mucosa.

Medical treatment

  1. Avoidance.
  2. Desensitization.
  3. Antihistaminics.
  4. Local and systemic corticosteroids.
  5. Decongestants.
  6. Local chemical cautery.
  7. Auto immune therapy.

Medical treatment:

    1. Glucose in glycerin nasal drops.
    2. Alkaline nasal douche.
    3. Kemicetine antiozaenal drops.
  • Surgical: 
      1. Youngs operation.
      2. Stellate ganglion block.
      3. Modified Young’s surgery.
      4. Raghav Sharan’s surgery.


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