Dr Meenesh Juvekar
Dr. Meenesh R. Juvekar
M.S (ENT), D.N.B, D.O.R.L, M.N.A.M.S

An ENT surgeon of international repute, he is the son of renowned ENT surgeon and Professor Dr R. V. Juvekar




Ear problems are rampant today - be it infection, hearing loss, blocked ears, discharge from ears or other problems. And age is no bar. Infants as young as one month old or the elderly as old as 90 years can all fall prey to ear problems.
From innocuous common colds to nagging sinusitis to bothersome growths inside the nose (polyps), we have all seen numerous people with nasal affections around us. Is this not the right time and place to find a solution to all your nose problems?
Almost every one of us has experience a sore throat, a squeaky voice or a trouble some cough some time in life. Problem arises when these symptoms do not resolve in time. Find solutions to all your throatprobems here. Contact Doctor for treatment.

Why is Snoring a serious problem ?
Socially snoring can make the snorer an object of ridicule and can cause the bed partner to experience sleepless nights and fatigue.It disturbs sleeping patterns and deprives the snorer of adequate rest.  It may be a sign of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), which can lead to serious, long-term health problems including cardiac problems.

In Dr Juvekar’s Voice Lab, we have an efficient team comprising of an experienced Voice Therapist who is also an SLR (Specialist in Laryngectomy Rehabilitation), an expert in Music for singers, a Voice Modulation Expert for patients from oratory field and the team is headed by the eminent ENT surgeon Dr Meenesh Juvekar.



Radiofrequency tissue reduction is a procedure for shrinking redundant tissue. It is used to reduce the volume of an enlarged soft palate and uvula as a treatment for habitual snoring. Unlike surgery or laser techniques, radiofrequency technique uses very low energy to create finely controlled coagulative zones underneath the mucosal layer.